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Chad Howe

Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator

Contact Info

218 Gilbert Hall

Dr. Howe works on issues of language variation and change, primarily focusing on structural (morphosyntactic) phenomena in the Romance Languages. More generally, he investigates the forces that shape language use and the subsequent effect that these forces have on how language evolves. Through his fieldwork in Peru, he is also involved in researching contact-induced language change among Spanish-Quechua bilinguals in the Andean region of South America. Dr. Howe is currently the Coordinator for the Indigenous Languages Initiative in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute.


Georgia Southern University, BA (1999)

The Ohio State University, MA (2001)

The Ohio State University, PhD (2006)

Research Interests:

Areas of Interest:

Corpus Methods

Sociolinguistics and Language Variation

Specific Research Areas:

Some Current Projects:

  1. Grammaticalization and language change in Romance Languages
  2. Language variation and change in social media
  3. IncipientĀ Language Shift in a Southern Latino Community
  4. Indigenous Languages in Latin America: Contact, Shift, and Maintenance
Personal Website: